.73 EMR

1,000,000 +

1 million man hours

without a safety incident

TRIR - 0

7 Consecutive Years

 (2015 - 2021)


With 0 Recordables and 0 Lost Time Incidents


Arnold Company Commitments

We are committed to effective implementation of our HSE Policy and to continual improvement in our HSE performance.

We aspire to achieve “ZERO HARM” to our people. Our fundamental belief is that all injuries can be prevented. Responsibility starts with each one of us. As such we will inform our employees in decisions that affect the health and safety aspects of our workplaces, and services.

We care for the environment. We are committed to the efficient use of resources, preventing pollution, and reducing the environmental impact of our operations.

We strive to be valued corporate citizens in our communities and respect the values of our local people.


❖ Develop and administer policies, procedures, guidelines, and management systems within our operations.

❖ Communicate relevant standards to our employees, including through training and awareness raising initiatives.

❖ Minimize any adverse impact that our operations have on the environment, while promoting a healthy work life balance for employees.

❖ Provide a work environment that is healthy and safe.

❖ Collect and analyze data about our health and safety conditions at our locations and use the data to measure and have a goal of continuously improving our performance.

❖ Encourage our employees and sub-contractors to have their own health and safety commitments.

❖ Communicate our performance and collected data to our employees


 Arnold Life Saving Rules  (ALSR)


Working without fall protection when required.
⮚ Violating Work Permit Procedures:
● Entering a confined space without approval or a valid permit or a required stand-by present.
● Working without a valid permit on jobs that require a permit.
● Receiving a work permit without the required gas test being conducted.

Failure to Follow Energy Isolations Lockout/Tagout Procedures:
● Conducting or authorizing maintenance on equipment without all hazardous energy isolated and controlled, as per procedure.
● Unauthorized removal or tampering with a lockout/ tagout device.
● Opening Process equipment without verification that the equipment has been properly cleaned, isolated and de-energized or without wearing proper PPE.

⮚ Defeat of SSHE Critical Devices without proper authorization.
⮚ Failure to follow Crane & Lifting (C&L) Procedures:
● Failing to establish and manage barricade (hard, tape, human, and etc.) in exclusion zones.
● Entering an exclusion zone without authorization.
● Defeating crane safety functions, when required for a lift (LML, capacity indicator
lights, anti-two block, event recorder, etc.).
● Working without a completed pre-lift plan or pre-lifting briefing.
● Touching (with any part of the body) a suspended load without C&L Supervisor or Crane Operator approval and walking under a suspended load.

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