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Civil Construction

  • Site Clearing and Preparation

  • Sub-Grade Preparation

  • Mechanical, Hydro Excavation and Backfill

  • Erosion Control

  • Piping and Utility Trenching

  • Trench Shoring

  • Mat Rental and Freight

Concrete Construction

  • Piers (Drilled or Hydro Excavation)

  • Building Foundations

  • Slabs and Parking Lots

  • Piping and Pipe Racks Concrete Supports

  • MCC Building Slabs and Containment Walls

  • Metal Building Slabs

  • Electrical Duct Banks

  • Instrumentation Concrete Supports

  • Structural Concrete Supports

  • Equipment Foundations

  • Transformer Foundations

  • Meter Skid Foundations

  • Concrete Demolition

  • Pipe Bollard Installation

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  • Structural Steels Fabrication and erection for pipe racks

  • Structural Demo and Haul Off

  • Metal Building Offices and Warehouses (Supplied and Erection)

  • Awning and Sheds

Pipe Fabrication

  • Fabrication and Installation of Spools

  • Pipe Fabrication Rerouting and Lowering

  • Hydrostatic Testing and Pigging

  • Custom Pipe Fabrication

  • Valve Installation

  • Pipe Coating and Painting

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